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Lily of the Valley

One of the few flowers I remember so distinctly from my childhood is now appearing at my doorstep, clouds of rich, sweet scent enveloping me as I enter. I remember these exquisitely simple little bell-shaped blossoms in sprays growing close to the little parsonage we lived in when I was 7 years old and enchanted [...]

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It was my delight and privilege to attend a lecture by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama today. I am captivated by his gentleness, humor and the sureness with which he carries out his role in life, a full expression of grace. Grace in the face of danger and opposition. Grace in the face of disbelief. Grace [...]

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What is my True Nature?

As I began work on this blog, I have wrestled with my ego whose motto is “If you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it.” One of my ego’s fondest fictions is that I am not enough and have nothing to offer. But Nature provides gentle and brilliant reminders that the only necessary is to [...]

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