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At the beginning again
waves form and wash over me
collapsing to wash it all away.
Left standing, dazed in the brilliance of sunlight,
wondering who i am in this baptism.
Waves seem to care nothing for the pathetic shell i have constructed
with desperate effort to conceal
my fears, stories, lies and imaginings.
Mother inexorably washes o’er me.

Budding architectural genius
in saggy Hawaiian-print shorts
dilligently builds [...]

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Waiting . . .

Hair frizzes
Corn grows exuberantly
Mercury turns back
Barely breathing
Barely moving
Pulsing life force within
Scents of rose and peony drift
A temptation to venture out
Into Nature’s oven where
She’s baking new delights
Maybe . . .  just sip lemonade and wait

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